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New game(s), twitter etc

2009-11-03 16:30:27 by regulargabs

Long time ago since I don't post here, also, a long time since I wasn't working on games..
I'm working on a new flash game finally (in a company): Sally's Cats; It's a sort of big physics based puzzle game. Easy to learn, hard to master. Me and other 3 people are working on it, so it's bigger than Totem 1, 2, etc.

Here's a small teaser about how the trees work (graphics are not final, it's my poor try to make something half good):

/* */
It will (probably) be released somewhere in the last 2 weeks of November.
I'm also on Twitter, if you dig some of the projects I did before, or the ones I'm doing, please follow!


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2009-11-03 16:49:05

Haha that looks fucking awesome! I can't wait to try it out.

I loved the Totem Destroyers and I'll really be looking forward to this. Best of luck with it!


2009-11-03 19:24:31

looks like jmtb02's art :D


2009-11-03 21:23:35

Woah that looks awesome. Can't wait for it!


2009-11-03 21:55:03

I really like the style.


2009-11-06 07:57:17

Hey! Will there ever be an armor picross 3? It's a really great game, even marketable good :)