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I just released an open source back-up manager program

2010-07-07 23:45:17 by regulargabs

I know that there are some programs that have a similar functionality, but I wasn't happy with any of them so.
I don't know if I was lazy, or that backing-up projects manually is a pain in the ass, so I made a back-up program to do all the hassle while running in background. There's no documentation at the moment (there will be, I promise), but it shouldn't be too hard to understand, I guess.
This way I can make all the backed-up projects go to a same folder, makes it easier to burn them to a dvd or just to store in a external hardware.
Cuz you know, once your flash project goes huge, flash starts bugging (error 5001, 5004 etc), and having an older version sometimes helps.
Anyway, it's there, it's free. If anyone's interested:
The download links points to the page, too.

I just released an open source back-up manager program


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2010-07-08 01:08:16

A little fucking late for me... Just crashed >.<