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Totem Destroyer HD - Dev Video

2010-08-16 16:07:13 by regulargabs

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This is the first dev. video of Totem Destroyer HD. I'm developing it on XNA. In the video you can see a few new additions (there will be more). The current graphics (not final) are borrowed from Totem Destroyer 2.
More details will be revealed later, I can say right now that there will be over 3 gameplay modes and over 100 (100% new) levels (due lots of new mechanics).


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2010-08-16 17:29:48

Will you be doing it for PSN as well?

regulargabs responds:

It's possible that we will port it to PSN, after launch.


2010-08-16 18:19:17

So is this in C#?

regulargabs responds:



2010-08-16 18:36:19

Liquids is an interesting addition

regulargabs responds:

:D I'm doing some improvements, but there will be alot of puzzles based on it.


2010-08-16 19:17:07

That looks fuckin AWESOME!

Want to play that game :> Played Totem Destroyer.. the.. prequels.

regulargabs responds:

thanks (:


2010-08-16 19:47:10

is liquids part of the program you makeing it or in the game itsellf

regulargabs responds:

I implemented SPH on my own approach for this game, dunno what you mean by saying part of the program..?


2010-08-17 08:00:39

that wierd green and yellow goop still looks unnatural physics-wise, but i guess your still going to improve on it?

regulargabs responds:

Yeah, I'm still improving it. That yellow/green goop is more viscous on purpose tho. The blue liquid it was just another color test I was doing with shaders.