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Totem Destroyer Deluxe IS OUT

2010-12-22 11:23:11 by regulargabs

We didn't announce this before because it wasn't planned to be released in 2010, but now it is!
I will post a demo real soon for people who have some doubts about the gameplay etc.
Check the video below, it's self explanatory:

/* */
It's only 2.99 USD, if you're willing to buy, check
We also have an Xmas deal, Cargo Delivery and Totem Destroyer Deluxe.


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2010-12-22 12:54:49

The animated turtle background seems like it'll get super annoying very fast.


2010-12-22 15:14:26

I'm sorry, but I don't buy games that are not both on steam and on sale.


2010-12-22 16:52:22

*one jail break later*

regulargabs responds:

newgrounders with their best spirit


2010-12-24 13:59:46

Really good game! One more game born in newgrounds, and grow up! I


2010-12-24 22:37:13

Merry Christmas!


2011-01-25 22:08:49

Me and specially my girlfriend are now addicted to it!

The new blocks and puzzles are great.