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share the pain

2009-01-21 15:12:50 by regulargabs

Seriously, this is important:

(P.S.: I'm not guilty if the music stays on your head like forever)

EDIT: I changed the song, I couldn't stand it.

share the pain


2009-01-13 11:04:42 by regulargabs

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Last gameplay video before Luis reskinning.
P.S.: It really does have over 75 levels, 50 main levels, the rest are extra.

01.30.09 (TD2 Release date & crappy trailer, at last!)

2008-12-29 05:25:53 by regulargabs

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I'll probably make something (to show) better than that around 10th January, anyway.
80% of the promised 75 levels are done.
The Editor is done.
Pretty much everything :)

Happy New Year yall

crappy oil painting below

01.30.09 (TD2 Release date & crappy trailer, at last!)

The project is NOT dead, proofs:

Flight Application Tests

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UFO Rumors

/* */
Protecting Your Garden

/* */
Tricky Combos

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2008-09-08 01:51:42 by regulargabs

Totem Destroyer 2 is coming, I wasn't online @ msn for about 2 weeks but I'm still working on games, so please don't come up with sideway theories :P.
I bought Castle Crashers from XBLA, it's awesome (predictible), I showed Castle Crashers to some people and they didn't believe that 2 guys had a heads up on the making of this game (The perfect team aka tom Fulp & Dan Paladin). Even my sister (which is only addicted to guitar hero games besides anyother 360 game) loves it...

Totem Destroyer 2 : Dev. Preview #1 & mod rant

2008-08-08 21:01:03 by regulargabs

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This is just a quick preview of the level editor, it will have alot more features in the future, and ofcourse, the graphics will be better (Luis is making graphics this time, so expect a lot better graphics!).

About the rant: I got banned on general forums last wednesday by a cocksmoker... Why a cocksmoker? Because:
1.: The topic wasn't intended to be a spam topic, half of the messages were not spam;
2.: My post wasn't spam;
3.: Even other mods were posting on that topic, so they DIDN'T think it would turn out spam;
So I really want to know who is this cocksmoker so I can bring him a bag of dicks.
It was about 5pm on Aug. 6, so if anyone knows but can't tell, you can send a secret whisper by PM.
Geez where do these mods come from (the new ones, cuz all the old mods are reasonable)?

Totem Destroyer 2 : Dev. Preview #1 &  mod rant

Totem Destroyer 2

2008-07-17 19:10:02 by regulargabs

The pic has 3 out of '?' new types of blocks.

New adds (confirmed):
* Level editor
* Sandbox mode

Possible adds:
* Online Multiplayer (up to 4 players at once)

##75 levels (I'm being optimist at this part!).##

Release date:
Probably by the end of August. Check my site in a few weeks for more material.

Suggestions are welcome.

Totem Destroyer 2

Totem Destroyer and stuff

2008-07-13 20:29:15 by regulargabs

Fisrt of all, thank you all that played and/or voted on the game. I didn't know that the game would do so good, wow over 1,000,000 plays in just 3 days (worldwide)!
I made myself clear on Totem credits, there will be a sequel.
* It will have more levels;
* It will have a level editor;
* It will have more different kinds of blocks;
* It will have different idols;

The only thing I'm not sure is the online multiplayer, before Totem Destroyer 2, I'm making a little online game (it will be my first), if I do good on this game and if my socket server can handle all this, this will probably be in Totem Destroyer 2.
I'm also thinking of making a remake of my misspelled game called Baloon Override (but now I'd fix the title :P), it would be a lot better, considering that I'd use the same physics used in Totem Destroyer.


Totem Destroyer: Walkthrough and some cheats

2008-07-08 12:49:03 by regulargabs

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sicktot : Hulk menu idol (AI);
crazyai : Menu AI destroy totems faster (good for that achievement);
goths : Dark in-game idol;
voteforpedro : unlock all levels;
thisisnotalevel : ?

Dance to the music

2008-07-07 13:19:06 by regulargabs

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Coming July 7, 8 or 9 on NG