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Totem Destroyer Deluxe IS OUT

2010-12-22 11:23:11 by regulargabs

We didn't announce this before because it wasn't planned to be released in 2010, but now it is!
I will post a demo real soon for people who have some doubts about the gameplay etc.
Check the video below, it's self explanatory:

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It's only 2.99 USD, if you're willing to buy, check
We also have an Xmas deal, Cargo Delivery and Totem Destroyer Deluxe.

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This is the first dev. video of Totem Destroyer HD. I'm developing it on XNA. In the video you can see a few new additions (there will be more). The current graphics (not final) are borrowed from Totem Destroyer 2.
More details will be revealed later, I can say right now that there will be over 3 gameplay modes and over 100 (100% new) levels (due lots of new mechanics).

I know that there are some programs that have a similar functionality, but I wasn't happy with any of them so.
I don't know if I was lazy, or that backing-up projects manually is a pain in the ass, so I made a back-up program to do all the hassle while running in background. There's no documentation at the moment (there will be, I promise), but it shouldn't be too hard to understand, I guess.
This way I can make all the backed-up projects go to a same folder, makes it easier to burn them to a dvd or just to store in a external hardware.
Cuz you know, once your flash project goes huge, flash starts bugging (error 5001, 5004 etc), and having an older version sometimes helps.
Anyway, it's there, it's free. If anyone's interested:
The download links points to the page, too.

I just released an open source back-up manager program

Cargo Delivery (new game)

2010-06-23 21:13:41 by regulargabs

It's been a long time since I don't post anything new here. Here's a video of a game I was programming for the last months, we submit it to Indiecade n stuff. Enjoy.

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Sally's Cats : Feb. 17th

2010-02-03 16:54:28 by regulargabs

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Sally's Cats. An experimental action/puzzle game.
I'm working on other games too, there's a 18+ minigame waiting for a release date.

New game(s), twitter etc

2009-11-03 16:30:27 by regulargabs

Long time ago since I don't post here, also, a long time since I wasn't working on games..
I'm working on a new flash game finally (in a company): Sally's Cats; It's a sort of big physics based puzzle game. Easy to learn, hard to master. Me and other 3 people are working on it, so it's bigger than Totem 1, 2, etc.

Here's a small teaser about how the trees work (graphics are not final, it's my poor try to make something half good):

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It will (probably) be released somewhere in the last 2 weeks of November.
I'm also on Twitter, if you dig some of the projects I did before, or the ones I'm doing, please follow!


2009-04-08 08:31:22 by regulargabs

Have you ever dreamed of being a marble ball, running on thin platforms, avoiding spikes, lightnings and dragons? Of course! So this is the game for you (if you didn't dream about it, it's still an awesome game).
Very super awesome.


1:1 Copy : Real World

2009-02-12 15:25:48 by regulargabs

You know, when you take some interesting elements from many games, combine them and make a new thing out of it, it's ok. But when you take a game and change the graphics, remove the story, replace the song with an annoying elevator song AND releaser it as it's your own idea, then that's a ripoff.
And what am I talking about? The game "Real World" made and released by the so called "". It's funny that they claim it's the sponsor, but it's their only game. And the copyrights belongs to the same guy who "made" the game.

I don't knowwwwww, it seeems thaat the game mechanics are a little toooo familiar... oh wait

Do I need to mention that Totem was released like a year before this?
Developer/sponsor site (the game page, please say hello to them)

1:1 Copy : Real World

Collab games being baked

2009-02-11 00:47:19 by regulargabs

This is a quick list of what I'm baking (with Kenney) since 2 weeks ago:
World Defense 2
Marble Adventures (working title)(3D)

I can't publish any screenshots at the moment, Kenney would kill me!

It's true! If you don't believe me at this point, ask Luis ] : D (if he says no then don't believe him because he's probably conspiring against me!).
It's programmed to be launched Thursday @ 6pm EST time.